International Schooling for Aquaculture

International Schooling for Aquaculture

The International Schooling for Aquaculture-Programme (ISFA) was founded in 2005 because we noticed that the owners and their employees needed support in operating a full-circulation system, as well as in reproducing and fattening fish all year round.

Since 1995 Fischgut Primus has been offering courses and training courses for interested parties and skilled fish workers as individual and group seminars with a focus on fish farming and plant operation. we started to hold special intensive training courses for farm managers and/or responsible employees of aquacultures built by Fischgut Primus Anlagenbau. In order to ensure practical orientation, the training courses are held in the highly modern multiplication and fattening farms of Fischgut Primus and Zierfisch Primus.

Because of the very high demand, these training courses have been open to all in the individual specialist areas since the beginning of 2008. We also offer you support in problem analysis, problem solving and troubleshooting, e.g. with regard to systems, recurring fish losses or waxing problems of individual fish species in different system types.
The training takes place in intensive courses, which take about 2-3 weeks. The pupil receives an intensive training in fully functional systems, tailored to his needs. The training units can last up to 10 hours per day.
The training begins with the normal operation of a modern recirculation system in order to experience the daily recurring tasks of a skilled worker in the field of recirculation technology for himself. Especially in the field of circulatory technology, the detection of diseases and the disease profile axis have proved to be the most important fields, so we start working on this subject at the same time.

The sex and maturity of some Fish species such as sturgeon are of great importance in breeding farms, of course.

After gender determination, reproduction is another important part of our programme to ensure fish production all year round regardless of weather conditions. Especially for fish species that are difficult to reproduce, well-founded training is the guarantee for a functioning aquaculture. Reproduction techniques, especially for sturgeon, present many biologists and fish masters with enormous challenges. In the case of reproduction, without appropriate training there would be no timely functional reproduction in the individual aquacultures.

Special trainings about the treatment of tumors (especially with the Koi), the marking of fish or the storage of sperm over longer periods of time will be treated by the ISFA according to your wish and urgency.

In Fischgut Primus not only the reproduction and rearing of individual fish species are taught, but also the processing of the fish. Slaughtering, refining (smoking) or the special preparation of your own specialities in the Fischrestaurant Primus can become part of your programme if you wish. It would also be possible to offer caviar removal and processing up to canning.

On request, the pupil will receive a certificate of participation in the individual subject areas which he or she will pass through here in the respective companies. Mr. Lothar Primus himself holds several diplomas in aquaculture, the last from the Banat Sturio for the construction and consulting of a sturgeon facility.

On special request the training can also take place directly in the aquaculture in which the participant of the ISFA program works or will work, especially in case of plant problems this approach has proven to be a leading goal.