Recirculating Aquaculture Systems / RAS

We from Fischgut Primus Anlagenbau take care of your project in all questions concerning the fish, the plant, the training and the suitable operational support for you with our know-how.

You have the possibility to receive everything from the feasibility study to extensive project plans to construction planning from Fischgut Primus Anlagenbau. In the feasibility study, we determine whether your aquaculture can be realised at the intended location and under the local conditions, e.g. with the water parameters available there. We can also deal with the question of regional fish sales, the type of fish you have in mind.

In the project plan, we already go into the details of an aquaculture, where we determine not only the size and prices of the plant, but also the production quantities for the individual fish species, the feed quantities, the water consumption, the energy consumption and the labour force.During the construction of a plant, we can take over the site management or support the planner in the building construction accordingly, during the actual plant construction (the aquaculture recirculation) by Fischgut Primus Anlagenbau, we train your plant manager or responsible fish master in our own training facilities in the International Schooling for Aquaculture Program directly in Fischgut Primus, one of the most modern aquaculture recirculations in Germany. We continue to accompany your project after the completion and commissioning of your system for up to eight years with regular visits to your site.

Fischgut Primus Anlagenbau designs, builds and installs its own recirculation systems, which Fischgut Primus has been operating very successfully for more than 30 years.

We are your expert in aquaculture and can accompany you from the small brood system, over the young fish rearing up to the large fattening plant. All systems are planned and equipped around the fish with our functional innovative technology.

Furthermore, we train you in reproduction, rearing, fattening, operating the individual system components and also in the processing and refinement of the fish.

We will be happy to advise you on all your questions and work with you to find the right system for you.